Yuba Expeditions
Downieville, CA

Booth 109/117

Yuba Expeditions is located in Downieville, California and provides a professional, safe and reliable shuttle service to Downieville’s finest high-mountain trails.

Yuba is the pioneer of backcountry mountain biking in Downieville, and the first to offer trailhead transport in this part of the Sierra. Our drivers are skilled and have knowledge of the surrounding trail system; and our vehicles are commercially insured, professionally tuned, and equipped with top of the line Yakima racks.

With every purchase you make at Yuba Expeditions the proceeds go back to the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship in their mission to preserve, enhance and restore the trails in Sierra and Plumas Counties.

We are factory and field trained mechanics that can gracefully handle any repair quickly and efficiently, allowing you to keep riding and enjoying your time in Downieville.

Tubes, tires, derailleurs, we are Downieville’s MASH unit. Bring your wounded bike in and we can help you get back up on the mountain for another shuttle.

The big terrain of the Sierras require big bikes, bike that are capable of squeezing every ounce of fun the mountains have to offer. And the mountains have a lot of fun.

We carry Santa Cruz, Juliana and Ibis Bicycles because they are the best bikes for this area. Up or down these bike deliver.