Green Pedal Couriers
Monterey, CA

Booth 96
Green Pedal Couriers has been bringing the Monterey community together one pedal at a time since 2009. We are one of Monterey Peninsula’s only “truly” green businesses – everything we do is powered by bike. We started with a single bike and a dream of a bike friendly community. We have since grown into one of the greenest business in the county and work with clients from all over the Monterey Peninsula and beyond.
Our main job is to deliver packages, court documents, and food (our favorite because we get to meet people in our community). We also offer ad distribution and event promotion services by working with local business to ensure your posters, fliers, and ads are displayed throughout the peninsula. Our most prominent service is bicycle valet at events all over the county. Bike Valet” provides the community a safe environment to park anything “human powered” – bicycles, skateboards, and everything in between. Our newest venture is our “Bike Blender” where we use our bike-powered blender to create blended treats.
Whether it is delivering Chipotle burritos to an office full of nurses who are swamped with patients, spending a week delivering posters for free for an event to benefit disease research, or showing up to local events with a table, bicycle racks, and some information about the health, economic, and community benefits of bicycling, Green Pedal Couriers is determined to show how great it can be to ride a bicycle in our beautiful community.
Green Pedal Couriers works to bring the community together by hosting events. In the past we have hosted a Halloween costumed bike ride called “Creep the Shore,” as well as the “Ride a Bike, Plant a Tree” Earth Day ride. We distribute promotional materials for many local events, and we are always willing to cut a deal or work pro bono for a good cause – after all, we have low overhead costs, so we donate time when we can. We have our own portable bicycle racks, and we host free bicycle valet parking at local events and festivals to encourage families to bike together and save money. Another part of Green Pedal Couriers is our ad distribution throughout the Monterey Peninsula. We work our network of local contacts to ensure that your event posters, fliers, and ads are prominently displayed. Our cargo bike also features a “Mobile Billboard” display. Your ad will be on display everywhere we go and at events where we host our Bike Valet.