Elevation Bike Co
San Francisco, CA

Elevation Bike Co. is a full-service bike shop in San Francisco for performance-centric mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, and touring bikes. We cater to people who love to get out and seek adventure on their bike—outside of work, on the weekends, on vacation—any chance they get.

We’re putting our feet to the pedals as evangelists—carrying bikes and products we believe are the best out there; offering pro-level service and maintenance (road bikes to mountain bikes) that you won’t find in other neighborhood shops; and bringing together a unique mix of cycling, whether you’re a downhiller, a cross racer or someone who wants to see the world on a bike (maybe it’s all three). Our focus is on community, comraderie and “the stoke.”

We’re here to help you elevate from bro to pro. Stop by our shop and see what we’ve got to offer!