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8th Annual
SF Bike Expo 2015
November 21th

Doors open @ 11 AM
Cow Palace ~ SF/CA

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    2010 SF Bike Expo Video
    Sunday, August 28, 2011 @ 11:13 pm
    Posted by SFBikeExpo

    SF Bike Expo 2010 from meg v. on Vimeo.

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    Shoutout to iMINUSD, Official Sponsor of the 2011 SF Bike Expo’s All Fixie Comp – Uproar!
    Sunday, August 28, 2011 @ 8:13 pm
    Posted by Nic


    iMiNUSD is an official sponsor of this year’s All Fixie Competition: Uproar!

    Established in 2009, iMiNUSD (eye-minus-dee) is a full service bicycle boutique created by the founders of SJFixed.

    We are here to offer you products that have been proven and ridden by us at numerous alleycats, goldsprints, track events and street sprints. We know what works and we know what fixed-gear riders want. We offer all levels of components and complete bikes from your favorite affordable brands to exotic bike pr0n worthy brands.

    Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or looking to build your first fixed-gear/single-speed bike, iMiNUSD is here to provide you with reliable products and adept labor at reasonable prices without compromising quality or proper customer service.

    ride simply. simply ride.

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    Its On! The 4th Annual SF Bike Expo is Official!
    Sunday, August 28, 2011 @ 5:24 pm
    Posted by SFBikeExpo

    More details on the way!

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    Behind Bars Inc: 2011 Shiny Side Up Bicycle Show Official Video
    Wednesday, August 24, 2011 @ 9:12 pm
    Posted by Nic

    Behind Bars Inc: 2011 Shiny Side Up Bicycle Show Official Video from Cinepixtor Media on Vimeo.

    Official Video – Behind Bars Inc presents the 2011 Shiny Side Up Bicycle Show in San Jose, CA at History Park!

    If you experience any choppiness in the playback, press pause for a minute so that the video loads completely and then press play again.

    Shot & Edited by: Darryl B (Cinepixtor Media)

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    DiSanto Clothing holding a booth down for this year’s SF Bike Expo!
    Monday, August 22, 2011 @ 8:43 pm
    Posted by Nic

    At DiSanto Clothing, we want to erase from existence a now-common lament:

    “I don’t want to ride my bike because I’ll get sweaty and cold.”

    To silence the excuse makers we’ve created a remarkable hat.

    Our all-season reversible cycling hat is designed to keep a rider’s body in a comfortable, even temperature zone, whether she’s leaving home in the 6 a.m. San Francisco Sunset District fog, or warmed up and pedaling hard near her sunny South of Market office.


    New Zealand merino wool is sandwiched with Swiss-made breathable, water repellent soft-shell mountaineering fabric. This way, the hat is reversible, with a warm side, and a warmer side.

    The stretchy Schoeller Dynamic fabric side feels good next to the skin. Flip the hat inside out and it transforms into a warmer or cooler version of itself.


    This way cyclists can essentially keep their temperature in the same comfort range, whether in the cool morning, or after pedaling in the sun for an hour.

    Our goal: Bike-commute nay-saying evaporates throughout the land.”

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    Five Ten getting down at this year’s SF Bike Expo!
    Monday, August 22, 2011 @ 8:17 pm
    Posted by Nic

    Five Ten is a family-owned company that is dedicated to making the best outdoor sports footwear available. Five Ten was founded by Charles Cole in 1985. Cole had finished up his MBA from University of Michigan, and was hanging out in Yosemite, putting up spectacular first ascent aid routes—many times solo. After a slip while descending El Cap, he decided that climbers not only needed high-friction rubber on their climbing shoes, but on their walking shoes as well.


    Being a man whose passion and focus matches his great intellect, Cole immediately resolved to create a new rubber compound that would help climbers on every angle surface. Reaching back to what he’d learned while obtaining his engineering degree from University of Southern California, he set his sights on developing a revolutionary rubber formula that would have better friction and higher durability than anything climbers had ever experienced.

    Five Ten was born, and in 1986, Cole, with the support of his parents, Mary and Charles Sr., began distributing a new line of approach and climbing shoes with Charles’s new Stealth rubber soles. Climbing suddenly got easier. Because the soles actually stuck better to the rock, climbers could ascent routes that had previously been unattainable. Charles Cole, Five Ten and Stealth rubber helped to open climbing to a new generation of athletes for whom friction meant everything.


    Now, the Redlands, California-based company makes shoe with their proprietary Stealth rubber for a variety of outdoor disciplines. Five Ten climbing shoes are depended upon by the world’s top climbers. Even climbers who are paid to wear shoes by other companies resole with Stealth. Stealth Rubber resole kits make up 99.9 percent of resole sales world wide. Five Ten multi-sport shoes are now favorite footwear of downhill mountain bikers, paddlers, hikers, trail runners and climbers. From elite, world class athletes to every day outdoor enthusiasts, people know that Five Ten is the most authentic footwear brand available. As Cole found out on El Cap, and athletes find out everyday, friction does make a difference. Add that to the unique comfort, durability and technological advances of Five Ten, and you have the best footwear in the world.

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    Boombotix coming to the SF Bike Expo as a Sponsor!
    Wednesday, August 10, 2011 @ 4:48 pm
    Posted by Nic


    Big warm welcome to friends of Boombotix who will be coming through to this year’s SF Bike Expo as a Sponsor. BoomBotix is about fostering creativity and self expression. Founded in 2009 with roots in San Francisco’s urban art scene and the Tahoe action sports arena, the company made a merger of alternative art and sport. In 2010, BoomBotix splashed into the portable electronics scene with the worlds loudest portable speaker tailored to the transient lifestyles of surf, skate, and snow culture. They entered the scene with a series of Generation 1 Boombotix speakers. Recently, they engineered a wireless Boombotix Generation 2 speakers making it much easier to blast your favorite tunes on a ride with the outdoors. Catch em at this year’s SF Bike Expo!

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    Rickshaw Bagworks joins us at this year’s SF Bike Expo
    Friday, August 5, 2011 @ 3:17 pm
    Posted by Nic

    Rickshaw Bagworks will be joining us for this year’s SF Bike Expo! Rickshaw is a new San Francisco-based bag company. Inspired by the creative energy of San Francisco city, urban cycling and an intense desire to make great products, they started Rickshaw to satisfy a personal passion for bags. Not only can you select from the wide variety of colors and styles of bags, but you also have the option of “Mix, Match, and Create from Scratch” your own custom bag. Meet the crew at this year’s SF Bike Expo!

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    Fyxation Answer Collaboration Stem
    Thursday, August 4, 2011 @ 4:18 pm
    Posted by Nic

    Fyxation has teamed up with Answer Products to create their original collaboration stem titled the SEVENTY75 Stem! The SEVENTY75 stem has a 31.8mm clamp and is available in 35mm and 50mm lengths to perfectly dial in your reach. Available colors – pewter stem body with 5 different color face plates (black, white, green, orange and pink). The SEVENTY75 stem is made out of high strength 7075 series alloy and comes with a wide faceplate for added stiffness and evenly distributed clamp force. Originally designed for dirt jump applications, the SEVENTY75 stem is ideal for any MTB, park or street rider looking for a high end stem that’s built to take abuse. (Fyxation Hollow Bolt Top Cap available as an accessory for bar spins).

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    Meet the online custom bike store, Big Shot Bikes, at this year’s SF Bike Expo
    Monday, August 1, 2011 @ 3:57 pm
    Posted by Nic

    Big Shot Bikes from John Camalick on Vimeo.

    Bringing the new style and standard to the single gear lifestyle, Big Shot Bikes, confirms their participation in this year’s SF Bike Expo. Big Shot Bikes’ website provides a selection of single geared bikes, from freewheel to fixed gear, and flips a whole variety of styles and colors for all customers. A main component of the website is being able to customize your own single geared bike on the website allowing an interactive participation in creating the bike of your wants and needs — everything from rim size to the grip color! Check them out at their website!

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